This channel survives off donations.  Thank you to those who have donated so far!!!  You all know I love transparency so here goes... I spend about $1,500 a month on editors, break test machines (improving and fixing), gear to break, website expenses, and general expenses.  I am grateful to Bobby Hutton who helps me the most and for free.  And about 100 other people who have donated their time and probably another 100 people who have donated gear to break.  Ads on YouTube are helpful but only have historically been around $100 to $300 a month in the last 6 months.  My patron donations finally match my editor costs so I don't go in the hole just creating the episodes.  Posting twice a week has not only been received well but important for me to release all the content we are creating.   In the last 4 years of doing this channel, my goal was to break even and make all the highline rigging knowledge available in one place.  $10,000 in donations over 4 years has been insanely helpful... but I also have $30,000 into it.  I have a feeling I'll always put 200% of your donations back into this channel because we have way to much fun doing this!

We believe information should be available and free when it saves people's lives.  So everything is free on our website.  The Bolting Bible is everything available online about climbing bolts in one place and in several languages, Highline University will have rigging courses in the same style and format as the Bolting Bible.  Slackline Groups Map is to help people find slackliners near them to get plugged into this community.  Slack Snap and Bolt Busters is/will be integrated into the Bolt Bible and Highline University, which combined is over 1200 break tests.  And of course our episodes which come out now twice a week, always aiming to entertain AND educate.  

I paint houses for a living at Jenks Painting.  I have one employee and try to get home around 2pm each day so I can work until I go to sleep working on the Channel.  I make a living and don't need to earn money from this venture, but hope to make this channel self sustainable.  At times, I'm probably a capitalist pig but I also know not everything has to be about money.  The energy I put in is my way of giving back, as many people have done in slacklining and climbing.  I enjoy learning, educating and knowing so many of you!  A way to supplement my painting income, as the channel takes so much of my time, was to invest in my friend's coffee venture, Juno Coffee.  Nick McPherson has been slacklining with me on and off for the last 7 years and filmed many of my episodes with me.  His last few years of being in the coffee industry, he realized the convenience of instant and found a way to preserve the flavor of a high quality cup of espresso during the freeze drying process.  I experienced at business and was able to invest and can share with you, my audience, about this awesome new venture.  Our stoke matches so we make a great team.  There are several ways below you can donate or you can buy a box of Juno Coffee.  Believe me, the more highline money we get here, the cooler the stuff will get!
I appreciate you!!!







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I love engaging with my audience!  It's hard for me to respond to everyone but I try.  My best form of contact is my personal facebook messenger for quick thoughts or emails for more in depth conversations.  Let me know what we can do better and if you have a skill or talent that you can contribute to giving our audience even more value!  Just simple stoke messages are fun too :)       or

PS... Please don't message me on Instagram or courier pigeon.  They both suck.