Aug 26
The Humboldt Classic Slackline Comp

The Humboldt Classic Slackline Comp

The Humboldt Classic is the first slackline competition ever to be held in Arcata, CA or even Northern California for that matter.

There will be two 30 foot (9 meters) slacklines set up. Each competitor has a 3 minute session during the trials and semifinals. During the finals the final competitors will have two 3 minute sessions. Prior to any session a competitor has the option to adjust tension to a preferred setting, which can also be changed during his/her run if desired. Once the session has started, the competitor has 3 minutes to show his/her skills. At the end of the round, all participants will be asked to write down the top three competitors excluding his/her self, and submit it to the gym owner. The voted winners will move on to the next round and so forth. There will be prizes for all divisions.

Props are allowed but keep in mind this is slacklining and not a circus. If you have a question about the use of props, send us an email at

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    Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from… :)

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