Feb 9

Now just into February 2013 and already Slackline makes BIG headlines again. This time it is the effort of the most accomplished, tenacious, amazing, young Female Slackliner, Faith Dickey.

Faith is the Premiere Female Sackliner in the world, holding several world records in various disciplines with in Slackline/Highline. Late last year her walk between moving trucks, filmed in Europe for a commercial, went viral within a day of having aired.

Today February 9, 2013, on her 24th birthday, Faith spoke at the TEDxAustin 2013: Fearless Conference.

In a clear, powerful, humble voice Faith  introduced herself as a professional Slackliner, honoring the effort and dedication of many who like herself know firsthand  the power of Slackline, and thereby legitimizing  it as a sport.  She shared her journey of self discovery and on going  study of fear vs. intuition through Highlining and free soloing. She continues to inspire us all on and off the Line.

Congratulations Faith! Well done!

(She comes in at 2:22:11 of program)