Oct 5


The Slackline Brothers have been given the opportunity to spread the seeds of slacklining in Ecuador!! A team of 6 of us; Corbin Usinger, Clay Usinger, Dylan Buffington, Austin Josephs, Jenna McLennan and Maria Quinones-Phiegh are heading out early tomorrow morning at 2 am.. First to Panama, then after a layover for a few hours we’re off to Guayaquil! We¬† will be performing for the extreme sports festival, Feria de Duran, and will be representing Slackline Brothers and the Tesalia Springs Company’s new drink 220V, EXTREME! Steel structures will be supporting our 85ft long/25ft high line that we’ll be playing on, :) Everyone on the team is super psyched for this amazing trip! Pics will be posted soon!