Mar 25

French slackliner Damien Mercier is planning to break Christian Schou’s highest highline record (direct exposure) which was set in Norway. Click here to read the article about the preparations for his attempt. Best of luck to you Damien on your world record aspirations!

Damien practicing for his world record attempt

Damien practicing for his world record attempt

Mar 21

Stefan, or “Fish” in the forums, has recently broken the world longline record, walking a 203 meter (666 feet) slackline at the Fairytale Meadow east of Dresden, Germany. This beautiful line was full manned by Stefan, and is the first slackline of more than 200 meters to be successfully walked. Using a single piece of White Magic webbing, Stefan was able to walk the line after many sessions of increasing line length, walking 80 meters in February, up to 177 meters just a month before his 203 meter walk. Congratulations Stefan on this incredible feat!

You can read more here, at Stefan’s blog entry of the walk. (translated to English through Google)

Mar 12

Slackline Pro Damian Cooksey has finished his new climbing gym, “Bridges Rock Gym”, in the San Francisco Bay area.

What do you get when you combine free standing boulders with some cool toproping and awesome slacklining? Answer: one of the coolest new gyms in the country. Bouldering problems topping out at more than 20 feet high, a new high tech landing pad system, and thousands of slackline combinations just begging for the newest tricks in the world makes Bridges Rock Gym a must visit destination. Damian Cooksey will be giving the best climbing and slacklining instruction in the country, along with their many other top notch employees. The Grand Opening Celebration is going on from the 28th-29th of March, check out all the cool festivities! Visit their web site for more info.

Also, check out this cool slide show of Andy and Damian having a nice slackline session:

Slide Show