Feb 20

Up and coming longline walker Jerry Miszewski walked a 514 foot long slackline in his local park last December, and this is believed to be the longest slackline walked by an American, just shy of the alleged world records of 550 feet and 600 feet set in Europe. His account of the walk can be seen here

Jerry claims that a 600+ ft slackline is definitely possible and he hopes to be able to set the new world record soon. Jerry walks on the “white magic” webbing which is seemingly ideal for long lines. Congratulations Jerry on this awesome accomplishment!

Feb 6

A big crew from Colorado and California got together this year for the Ouray Ice Festival in southwestern Colorado. We rigged a beautiful line over the box canyon in Ouray, spanning 82 feet and topping out at just under 100 feet high. Libby Sauter wrote a great trip report for the event, and it can be read on the blog here: Trip Report. Thanks to everyone who showed up to this event and helped make it awesome!

Jeremy Getting Down

Jeremy Getting Down