Apr 5

By Scott Rogers


If any of my adventures on this site have the properties befitting of the word “wild”, this trip was probably one of the most apropos. Leaving Boulder last Friday (March 21st) and returning Wednesday (March 26th), we were in Moab for quite some time. The trip was prepared meticulously, making certain that everyone who was going had accurate directions to the obscure destination, and that all the requisite gear would be there at the start of the trip. Mary and I drove out to Moab, meeting Joe, Dave, Josh, Jesse, Lindon, Nathan, Dylan, Greg, Josh, Kale, Deon, Terry, Larry, Chris, and a few others at the designated pulloff. Thats right, we had more than 16 people all setting up and crushing highlines at different times during the weekend/week.

Apr 2

Edited by Scott Rogers


With a Line Locker, it is possible to set up a slackline with no knots. Furthermore it will be perfectly flat with no twisting whatsoever. more_link_text