Mar 13

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Mar 10

2008 Competition Results

    UK Competition
  1. Best UK: Jon Ritson (Lakes) - £500
  2. 2nd UK: Frank Kroner (Glasgow) - £300
  3. 3rd UK: Andrew Marshall (Belfast) - £200
  4. Best effort UK: Rupert Oellinger (Edinburgh) – Slackline kit
    International Competition

  1. Best international: Andy Lewis (USA) - £500
  2. 2nd international: Michael Aschaber (Austria) - £300
  3. 3rd international: Damian Cooksey (USA) - £200
  4. Best effort international: Nils Diamer (Germany) – Slackline tightening system

The Fort William Mountain Festival hosted a historic coming together of some of the world’s most devoted and skilled slackliners. These “slackers” gathered in Scotland to compete for the title of International Slack Master of 2008. Along with the title came the promise of over $3000 worth of cash and prizes to ensure a sizzling competitive fire. With the continuously progressive evolution of slackline style and frequent updates of the purposed physical limits of the sport– no one knew what types of talent to expect.

Mar 5

On July 13, 1985, Scott Balcom became the first man in the world to walk across the Lost Arrow Spire Highline. A towering 2890 feet (880 meters), above the valley floor. 22 years and 3 days later, Libby Sauter became the first woman to cross the lost arrow spire highline. This has become the most coveted highline in the world. Congratulations to Libby! 

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