Feb 9

Faith Dickey, Premiere Female Slackliner in the world Speaks at TEDxAustin 2013: Fearless/Risk More

Now just into February 2013 and already Slackline makes BIG headlines again. This time it is the effort of the most accomplished, tenacious, amazing, young Female Slackliner, Faith Dickey.

Faith is the Premiere Female Sackliner in the world, holding several world records in various disciplines with in Slackline/Highline. Late last year her walk between moving trucks, filmed in Europe for a commercial, went viral within a day of having aired.

Today February 9, 2013, on her 24th birthday, Faith spoke at the TEDxAustin 2013: Fearless Conference.

In a clear, powerful, humble voice Faith  introduced herself as a professional Slackliner, honoring the effort and dedication of many who like herself know firsthand  the power of Slackline, and thereby legitimizing  it as a sport.  She shared her journey of self discovery and on going  study of fear vs. intuition through Highlining and free soloing. She continues to inspire us all on and off the Line.

Congratulations Faith! Well done!

(She comes in at 2:22:11 of program)


Feb 22

2012, Superbowl 46 is Tipping Point for Slackline.

Renowned Slackliner Andy Lewis  performed during this year’s Superbowl 46 halftime show  with Madonna, taking Slackline to the tipping point in front of 9 billion viewers. In the days that followed all media world wide was talking about Slackline even public radio. All amazed at Andy’s talent and Balls of steel, but that’s another story!   A few weeks later Slackline performer Andy  made his appearance  in Conan’s show …

In this footage is chronicled his amazing historical performance  during Superbowl 46, his great humor, and arsenal of tricks on a slackline.  Joined by  long time friend and equally awesome Slackliner Alphamike and members of the US Pro team.

\”slackline Performer Andy Lewis\”

Feb 22

Highline in Freyr (Belgium) !

The 16 November 2008, three climbers from Belgium, (Sean Villanueva, Florian Castagne and Benoit Poisson) decided to rig a highline in Freyr (one of the best cliff in Belgium). As usual in Belgium (in november) the weather was unsettled.
It was raining in Bruxelles (the capital) but we still decided to take the risk. Hopefully, in Freyr (100km away from Bruxelles) it wasn’t raining but the clouds were still there: we were under a constant threat.
Ben arrived during the rigging. One hour later everything was ready. We had the chance of the experience of Sean who actually knows very well this line and all the anchors. Because we can’t bolt anchors spacially for the line, we have to use the anchors of belays of climbing routes near the line. Sean is a very good climber and slacker; he has done some climbing expeditions in Patagonia, Pakistan, USA and Canada.

The line is about 12 meters long (~40’) and probably 30 meters high (~100’).
Before starting Sean gave us some pieces of advices for the leash, how to fall,… even if we had done some tree highlining but it was only 20-25’ high…
Let’s start!
Ben started first. He tried a sit start but didn’t succeed even if he’s really used to sit starts… but not that high.
Florian started from the other side, he has to rappel a bit. Sean helped him for the firsts steps with his hand. After some steps alone, Florian fell. After two others failed tries, Florian takes a break.
Sean’s turn : show time! He’s really used to this line. He sent it both ways and then tried some tricks : surfing, drop knee,…
After this, Ben tried it again, also helped by Sean’s hand. Few step : fall. Next try. This time, it was the good one even if at some meters of the end, he had big balance problems but he successfully kept his balance. Yes! He sent it !
Florian is now very motivated for a send! Steps by steps he walks the line. When he reaches the linelock he has to make a very big step. He lost his concentration and fell. Damn!
He went in the middle of the line and at the second try he stood on the line. He walked to the end avoiding the linelock: he reached the other side! Yeah!
One more time, Sean showed us some of his tricks. The day was constantly darker and a bit of rain made the line slippery so Florian and Ben wasn’t able to walk it anymore. The cold weather wasn’t helping.
We started taking out the line. It was totally dark when we had finished. Good timing!
We hope to do it again as fast as possible!
(Originally written by Florian, and translated by Benoit. I’m not a translator, so don’t blame me for incorrect words/expressions)

Original version can be found here

Oct 5

Slackline Brothers going to Ecuador!


The Slackline Brothers have been given the opportunity to spread the seeds of slacklining in Ecuador!! A team of 6 of us; Corbin Usinger, Clay Usinger, Dylan Buffington, Austin Josephs, Jenna McLennan and Maria Quinones-Phiegh are heading out early tomorrow morning at 2 am.. First to Panama, then after a layover for a few hours we’re off to Guayaquil! We  will be performing for the extreme sports festival, Feria de Duran, and will be representing Slackline Brothers and the Tesalia Springs Company’s new drink 220V, EXTREME! Steel structures will be supporting our 85ft long/25ft high line that we’ll be playing on, :) Everyone on the team is super psyched for this amazing trip! Pics will be posted soon!


Mar 21

New Longline World Record!

Stefan, or “Fish” in the forums, has recently broken the world longline record, walking a 203 meter (666 feet) slackline at the Fairytale Meadow east of Dresden, Germany. This beautiful line was full manned by Stefan, and is the first slackline of more than 200 meters to be successfully walked. Using a single piece of White Magic webbing, Stefan was able to walk the line after many sessions of increasing line length, walking 80 meters in February, up to 177 meters just a month before his 203 meter walk. Congratulations Stefan on this incredible feat!

You can read more here, at Stefan’s blog entry of the walk. (translated to English through Google)

Mar 12

Bridges Rock Gym Now Open

Slackline Pro Damian Cooksey has finished his new climbing gym, “Bridges Rock Gym”, in the San Francisco Bay area.

What do you get when you combine free standing boulders with some cool toproping and awesome slacklining? Answer: one of the coolest new gyms in the country. Bouldering problems topping out at more than 20 feet high, a new high tech landing pad system, and thousands of slackline combinations just begging for the newest tricks in the world makes Bridges Rock Gym a must visit destination. Damian Cooksey will be giving the best climbing and slacklining instruction in the country, along with their many other top notch employees. The Grand Opening Celebration is going on from the 28th-29th of March, check out all the cool festivities! Visit their web site for more info.

Also, check out this cool slide show of Andy and Damian having a nice slackline session:

Slide Show

Feb 20

Jerry walks the 514!

Up and coming longline walker Jerry Miszewski walked a 514 foot long slackline in his local park last December, and this is believed to be the longest slackline walked by an American, just shy of the alleged world records of 550 feet and 600 feet set in Europe. His account of the walk can be seen here

Jerry claims that a 600+ ft slackline is definitely possible and he hopes to be able to set the new world record soon. Jerry walks on the “white magic” webbing which is seemingly ideal for long lines. Congratulations Jerry on this awesome accomplishment!

Feb 6

Slackline.com at the Ouray Ice Festival

A big crew from Colorado and California got together this year for the Ouray Ice Festival in southwestern Colorado. We rigged a beautiful line over the box canyon in Ouray, spanning 82 feet and topping out at just under 100 feet high. Libby Sauter wrote a great trip report for the event, and it can be read on the blog here: Trip Report. Thanks to everyone who showed up to this event and helped make it awesome!

Jeremy Getting Down

Jeremy Getting Down

Dec 31

Highline at the Ouray Ice Festival

The Slackline.com crew will be rigging a highline or two at the Ouray Ice Festival in Ouray, Colorado during the 9th-11th of January. If you’re in the area, or planning on going to the Festival at all, be sure to come check it out. Some of the best highliners in the country will be coming by to give a highline trick demo, and we’ll have a lowline set up for spectators, first timers, and experienced slackliners to try out. We’ll be sure to post up some photos after we get back, but come see the awesomeness for yourself. The Ouray Ice Festival is a great event held every year that benefits the Ouray Ice Park, it is one of their top fundraisers. You can find out more information about the event at www.ourayicefestival.com

Dylan throwing down some tricks

Dylan throwing down some tricks

Dec 16

Highline on Gasherbrum II

The forum has been debating whether or not a highline has been rigged on Asian soil. Well we’re still not sure about the soil part, but Sebastian enlightened us to a recent highline rigged by Stephan Siegrist on the glaciers of Gasherbrum II a few years ago. Here is the article:

Sorry, its not translated into English!

Stefan Siegrist on the Line

Stefan Siegrist on the Line