Mar 12

Bridges Rock Gym Now Open

Slackline Pro Damian Cooksey has finished his new climbing gym, “Bridges Rock Gym”, in the San Francisco Bay area.

What do you get when you combine free standing boulders with some cool toproping and awesome slacklining? Answer: one of the coolest new gyms in the country. Bouldering problems topping out at more than 20 feet high, a new high tech landing pad system, and thousands of slackline combinations just begging for the newest tricks in the world makes Bridges Rock Gym a must visit destination. Damian Cooksey will be giving the best climbing and slacklining instruction in the country, along with their many other top notch employees. The Grand Opening Celebration is going on from the 28th-29th of March, check out all the cool festivities! Visit their web site for more info.

Also, check out this cool slide show of Andy and Damian having a nice slackline session:

Slide Show

Feb 6 at the Ouray Ice Festival

A big crew from Colorado and California got together this year for the Ouray Ice Festival in southwestern Colorado. We rigged a beautiful line over the box canyon in Ouray, spanning 82 feet and topping out at just under 100 feet high. Libby Sauter wrote a great trip report for the event, and it can be read on the blog here: Trip Report. Thanks to everyone who showed up to this event and helped make it awesome!

Jeremy Getting Down

Jeremy Getting Down

Dec 31

Highline at the Ouray Ice Festival

The crew will be rigging a highline or two at the Ouray Ice Festival in Ouray, Colorado during the 9th-11th of January. If you’re in the area, or planning on going to the Festival at all, be sure to come check it out. Some of the best highliners in the country will be coming by to give a highline trick demo, and we’ll have a lowline set up for spectators, first timers, and experienced slackliners to try out. We’ll be sure to post up some photos after we get back, but come see the awesomeness for yourself. The Ouray Ice Festival is a great event held every year that benefits the Ouray Ice Park, it is one of their top fundraisers. You can find out more information about the event at

Dylan throwing down some tricks

Dylan throwing down some tricks

Aug 6

Trip Report: HevyFest 2008, Squamish British Columbia

By Robin Avery
HevyFest 2008

HevyFest 2008

Recently, as you may have noticed, the sport of slackline has been exploding in popularity. It’s been all over the news, in Nike commercials, college campuses, and city parks. In the past few weeks I have been taking part in weekly slackline sessions with local Vancouver slackline enthusiasts. (If you’re in the Vancouver area, we meet at Kitsilano Beach every Monday at 6pm, come on down!) While slacklining on the beach one evening durring the Vancouver Folk Fest a friend mentioned there was an upcoming slackline festival in Squamish. So I went.

This festival was definitely not your typical festival. If you’re not familiar with Squamish, many describe it as the the Yosemite counterpart of Canada. There is a lifetime of climbing to be done in Squamish. Of course today we were here to slackline. HevyFest more_link_text

Aug 4

Lost Arrow Spire, 2008: A Trip Report

by Scott Rogers

Harlan Walking the Spire, July 2008

Harlan Walking the Spire, July 2008

This year’s Lost Arrow Spire trip was full of fun and adventure, as every highlining trip should be. What started out as a dream for many became a reality for some as July 4th approached this year. Through talk and gossip it seemed that the annual trip to the spire would be crowded and unappealing. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case, as a very small group of individuals made the yearly pilgrimage to Yosemite.


Aug 26

Boulder, Colorado Slackfest

Master Slacker and dear friend Dylan Buffinton and friends set up several slacklines at the BOULDER MOUNTAIN PARK located at Baseline and 9th, in Boulder Colorado on Saturday August 26th.

Dylan loves to share the beta and his passion for Slackline, and to slack it up with as many slackers as possible!!! So lots of Boulder,Denver Slackers showed! And even though it rained it didn’t stop Dylan from walking a soaked 100 footer with his unmistakable style and flair!