Mar 12

Bridges Rock Gym Now Open

Slackline Pro Damian Cooksey has finished his new climbing gym, “Bridges Rock Gym”, in the San Francisco Bay area.

What do you get when you combine free standing boulders with some cool toproping and awesome slacklining? Answer: one of the coolest new gyms in the country. Bouldering problems topping out at more than 20 feet high, a new high tech landing pad system, and thousands of slackline combinations just begging for the newest tricks in the world makes Bridges Rock Gym a must visit destination. Damian Cooksey will be giving the best climbing and slacklining instruction in the country, along with their many other top notch employees. The Grand Opening Celebration is going on from the 28th-29th of March, check out all the cool festivities! Visit their web site for more info.

Also, check out this cool slide show of Andy and Damian having a nice slackline session:

Slide Show

Dec 31

Highline at the Ouray Ice Festival

The crew will be rigging a highline or two at the Ouray Ice Festival in Ouray, Colorado during the 9th-11th of January. If you’re in the area, or planning on going to the Festival at all, be sure to come check it out. Some of the best highliners in the country will be coming by to give a highline trick demo, and we’ll have a lowline set up for spectators, first timers, and experienced slackliners to try out. We’ll be sure to post up some photos after we get back, but come see the awesomeness for yourself. The Ouray Ice Festival is a great event held every year that benefits the Ouray Ice Park, it is one of their top fundraisers. You can find out more information about the event at

Dylan throwing down some tricks

Dylan throwing down some tricks

Aug 26

The Humboldt Classic slackline competition

The Humboldt Classic Slackline Comp

The Humboldt Classic Slackline Comp

The Humboldt Classic is the first slackline competition ever to be held in Arcata, CA or even Northern California for that matter.

There will be two 30 foot (9 meters) slacklines set up. Each competitor has a 3 minute session during the trials and semifinals. During the finals the final competitors will have two 3 minute sessions. Prior to any session a competitor has the option to adjust tension to a preferred setting, which can also be changed during his/her run if desired. Once the session has started, the competitor has 3 minutes to show his/her skills. At the end of the round, all participants will be asked to write down the top three competitors excluding his/her self, and submit it to the gym owner. The voted winners will move on to the next round and so forth. There will be prizes for all divisions.

Props are allowed but keep in mind this is slacklining and not a circus. If you have a question about the use of props, send us an email at

Mar 10

Slackline Masters 2008 - Ft. William, Scotland

2008 Competition Results

    UK Competition
  1. Best UK: Jon Ritson (Lakes) - £500
  2. 2nd UK: Frank Kroner (Glasgow) - £300
  3. 3rd UK: Andrew Marshall (Belfast) - £200
  4. Best effort UK: Rupert Oellinger (Edinburgh) – Slackline kit
    International Competition

  1. Best international: Andy Lewis (USA) - £500
  2. 2nd international: Michael Aschaber (Austria) - £300
  3. 3rd international: Damian Cooksey (USA) - £200
  4. Best effort international: Nils Diamer (Germany) – Slackline tightening system

The Fort William Mountain Festival hosted a historic coming together of some of the world’s most devoted and skilled slackliners. These “slackers” gathered in Scotland to compete for the title of International Slack Master of 2008. Along with the title came the promise of over $3000 worth of cash and prizes to ensure a sizzling competitive fire. With the continuously progressive evolution of slackline style and frequent updates of the purposed physical limits of the sport– no one knew what types of talent to expect.

Jul 10

Slackline Brothers Freestyle Slackline Contest - 2005

Yarrow Fewless writes

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Slackline Brothers Freestyle Slackline Contest! It was a great time and everyone seemed to have a blast! Over $1000 worth of prizes was provided by Slackline Brothers and Montrail. Here are the results:

Division A: Advanced

  • 1st Place-Bill Chouinard (Slackline Brothers Full Kit),
  • 2nd Place-Levi Rodgers (Montrail Shoe/Boot Gift Certificate),
  • 3rd Place-Jeff Hudak (Slackline Brothers DVD)