Public Announcement: Slackline.com is happy to announce that we are currently undergoing a change in ownership. Scott Rogers, a longtime employee, slackliner, and supporter of Slackline.com, is now the owner of both slackline.com and the slackline.com forum. This will continue to be a community driven and non-biased media and information hub for the slackline community, by the slackline community, and Scott wishes to involve as many interested parties as possible in this transition. If you are interested in being a part of the new Slackline.com, or have any questions, please contact Scott at: climber.rogers@gmail.com or 720-402-6930

Peace and Love,
-Slackline.com Crew

About Slackline.com

Slacklining is the sport of walking a small, flat nylon rope between two points. It is practiced in the backyard, on college campuses and city parks, and even 3000 feet above the ground. Some people do it for fun, others for the obvious athletic benefits, and others still for a meditative purpose, in seeking a higher state of mind. Since slacklining’s development in the late 1970s, slacklining has grown into an international craze, and is a common and popular pastime within the outdoor community.


Slackline.com offers the resources and knowledge base necessary for the reluctant beginner, to an ambitious lifelong expert. Slackline.com is your source for everything slackline. With our knowledgeable and quickly growing online community of slackliners and highliners, anything you could ever want to know about slacklining can be found on our site.

It is our mission to reach out to slackliners across the county and around the world, providing people with articles, resources, trip reports, gear reviews, information and years of slacklining experience. So next time you head out to do some slackin’, remember that Slackline.com is here to help!